About Helios Funding/Helios Group

Please fill out the Partner application form below and a project analyst will be assigned to you.  Select them in the pull down list if you have already been introduced to a Helios Funding project analyst.

Becoming a Helios Funding Partner gives your company direct access to funding your commercial projects via direct tax equity investors.  Each project is purchased under lease or PPA either direct with Helios or by purchasing your existing PPA or Lease.  All projects purchased will be solely owned by Helios Group and if already installed must not be older than 90 days in operation.

Integrators/Developers will be required to be in business a minimum of 2 years with positive P&L with commercial installations existing (unless agreed upon by our board).  Any company found to have current adverse actions related to misrepresentation or failure to complete a contracted installation may not be approved.  Current insurance and license to install required of integrators.  Successful portfolio of developed projects will be required from developers along with insurance validation.                            Additional requirements may be necessary based on the state where your projects installation is located (ex: NYSEIA requirements for New York).

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