Helios Funding is not a bank, and therefore does not provide or include interest rates for traditional project lending.  We provide direct purchase of solar projects using PPA and Lease as a vehicle to fund your projects with our exclusive tax equity investor network.  Our underwriting team is made up of tenured solar project developers, so please use common sense in submitting your proposal for us to provide funding for.  Unrealistically high production needs to be explained.  Unrealistically high price per watt install rates need to be explained.  If a roof replacement or other non ITC qualified expense is being included in your project, please notate it as such and the amount allocated for the addition.  We are adding in O & M figures into our proposals as we take %100 ownership of the project (Do not include O&M in your proposal even if you are a developer).   Developers outside of Helios may participate in investing, however this is a post funding issue in a separate transaction.  Split ownership options will not be baked into the lease/ppa process.  Helios Funding will only process commercial ITC eligible projects in bundle or individual projects from $500k to $100 mill in size. 

Submit information completely for each portion of the form.  Incomplete information will cause your quote request to be delayed or not addressed at all!

North America Inquiries   +1(985)503-0728